Perkier, Fuller Breasts That Resist the Test of Time, With NO Vertical Scar

Your breasts are a sign of your femininity. Keep them perky and full as you age or after pregnancy with the Bellesoma breast lift. You'll have rounder breasts with no vertical scars and no volume loss! Evening and weekend consultation and surgery times available.

Statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show breast lifts, technically known as mastopexy, have grown 75% since 2000, outpacing breast implants 2-to-1.

Dr. Kara used to perform the traditional breast lift, known as a vertical breast lift — but he seldom performs this now.


The vertical breast lift, which involves an anchor shaped scar on the breast, is what every plastic surgeon learns to do while training in cosmetic surgery. It's been around for at least 60 years, and hasn't been updated since it was first introduced! No wonder Dr. Kara was never totally comfortable with the technique. Results would not last as long as he thought they should for such extensive scarring. On top of that, there would be no fullness in the upper part of the breast, so as the lifted breasts sagged with time, they would start looking tubular and flat on the bottom. That's why Dr. Kara prefers the BEST for his patients by performing the Bellesoma™ Method!

More fullness and longer lasting results

  • The Bellesoma™ Method does NOT produce a visible vertical scar.
  • Dr. Kara is the only plastic surgeon in southwestern Ontario offering this technique.
  • It restores fullness in the lower AND upper part of the breast using your own tissue, without losing any volume. That means your breasts stay the same size or look even bigger!
  • Your lift lasts longer because of more internal support.
  • It transfers the weight of your breasts to your chest muscle, providing immediate relief of back, neck and shoulder pain.
  • It corrects size and shape breast asymmetry, something that a regular breast lift simply cannot do.
Bellesoma breast lift and traditional breast lift.
On the left is a woman who had a traditional breast lift and on the right is a Bellesoma breast lift patient. Notice the lack of vertical scar and rounder, less tubular shape.
Traditional Methods
No Vertical Scar
Upper Pole Fullness
Longer Lasting Result
Provides Pain Relief
Ability to Breast Feed
Initial Cost
Long Term Cost

Excellent results & better quality of life

Over time, pregnancy, weight changes and aging take their toll. Your breasts may have changed in shape and size. You used to have full perky breasts but now, they just sag. They're elongated and flattened against your body. Your areolas are also enlarged and irritation has developed within your breast folds. That's why breast lifts are so popular! In one 5-year study of 125 women in the Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery, 91.5% reported that their expectations for their breast lifts were met or exceeded. 89.3% reported an improved self-esteem and 69.5% reported an improved quality of life as a result of their breast lift procedure. This makes breast lifts an effective way to regain self-esteem and reclaim your youthful appearance.

Why the Bellesoma Method of breast lifting give you better results

No vertical scar

The traditional vertical or anchor breast lift requires an incision made around the areola, then a single incision made vertically down into the breast fold. Another incision is made within the breast fold, also known as the inframammary crease.

The first scar is well hidden by the texture and pigment of the areola. The scar in the breast fold is also well hidden by the breast (unless you're looking from underneath). However, there's no way to hide the vertical scar.

The Bellesoma technique requires NO vertical incision — which means you WILL NOT get a vertical scar either!

Your breasts will be fuller in the lower AND upper part

The traditional breast lift reshapes the breast by removing tissue. This improves only the lower part, at and below the nipple. It does nothing for the area above your nipple. While this does eliminate sagging, it does not improve the roundness of your breasts. With time, a breast that's been lifted using traditional techniques will start to take on an odd flattened out, tubular appearance, because all the tissue is in the bottom part. To prevent this, many women get implants. But why bother with implants if you don't need them?

Instead of removing tissue, Dr. Kara forms it and attaches it to the muscle wall. This tissue acts like an implant, so that your breast takes on a rounder, fuller shape. Both the top and bottom of your breast will no longer be flattened against your body. You'll have better projection for a truly perkier transformation!

Your results will last way longer

In a traditional mastopexy tissue is removed and then your stitched up. There's absolutely no support — no wonder we've seen some women requesting a revision breast lift just 3 years after their first one!

In the Bellesoma method, Dr. Kara attaches the breast tissue to the muscle wall. This makes your breasts resist gravity and aging better. Consider the attached tissue to be an internal bra. Your breasts will get a lift that'll look like you're wearing a push-up bra, except you'll have your bra built in.

A bonus of internal suspension is that you'll also have better support to hold the weight of your breasts, which means you'll enjoy immediate relieve from pain in your shoulders, back and neck.

Advanced scar treatments

Still worried about scarring? No problem!

We totally understand that even though you'll have less scars to deal with, it's still a concern. Shortly after your surgery, you can start your scar treatment regimen with our advanced CO2 laser. This laser reduces the appearance and irregular texture of your scars.

At a Glance

  • Price $50,000
  • Recovery Go home same day
  • Length Of Surgery 2 - 3 Hours
  • Back To Work 2 Weeks

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Breast lift Toronto surgery steps


  • Maintain healthy lifestyle habits. Avoid smoking for 4 weeks before surgery. If you smoke within that timeframe, your surgery will be rescheduled.
  • Wear comfortable clothing on the day of your surgery, like a loose fitting top and bottoms with an elasticized waist.
  • You may need to avoid food and drink on the night before your surgery.


Medications will be administered to make you as comfortable as possible during your surgery. General anesthesia will be administered.

Diagram of Bellesoma breast lift technique.

The conical shape of the breasts causes the patient's areolas and nipples to face downward.

In order to restore the youthful shape to your breasts, new mounds are created and positioned higher up on the chest wall. This is done using your own breast tissue.

Diagram of Bellesoma breast lift technique.

To provide a long lasting result, the newly created breast mounds are surgically secured to your chest muscle. This is done in such a way that it transfers the breast's weight away from the skin envelope, and towards the chest wall.

Diagram of Bellesoma breast lift technique.

The last step of the surgery is suturing under the shadows of the breasts and around the areolas to prevent unsightly vertical scarring.

After the surgical procedure is completed successfully, the desired shape and appearance are immediately visible to you. Any post-surgical swelling will dissipate over time, and the incision lines will fade into barely visible scars.

Breast lift recovery time period

  • Generally, it takes 1 – 2 weeks to recover. If you tend to heal faster, then you may just need a week.
  • Wear your support bra as advised.
  • Don't wear a bra with underwire until Dr. Kara says it's okay. This is to avoid irritating the inframammary incision lines.
  • Numbness will go away in a few months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are incisions for breast lift? Where are breast lift scars?

The incisions for a breast lift are typically made around the areola, vertically down into the breast fold, and then horizontally in the breast crease. Dr. Kara’s breast lift does not require an incision made vertically from the areola to the breast fold. That means less scarring for you!

Where to get breast lift?

A breast lift is performed by board certified plastic surgeons. However, Dr. Kara is the only board certified plastic surgeon in southwestern Ontario who performs a breast lift without vertical scarring.

Which is better breast lift or reduction?

Dr. Kara is able to reduce the size of the breasts and make them perkier with either technique. However, breast reduction generally removes more tissue.

Which is cheaper breast lift or implants? Which is better breast lift or implants?

Breast implants generally cost less, however the two procedures are not designed to do the same thing. Implants can resolve mild sagginess, but a breast lift is needed for sagging that’s worse.

Which is cheaper breast lift or reduction?

They are about the same price. However, a breast reduction is often covered by OHIP, making it technically “cheaper”.

Which breast lift technique is right for me? Which breast lift is right for me?

The breast lift that Dr. Kara performs is suitable for all types of sagging. Plus, you’ll have less scarring and longer lasting results.

Who can get a breast lift?

Women who want perkier breasts, are in good general health and have realistic expectations are suitable breast lift candidates.

Who should get breast lift? Who needs breast lift?

Nobody really “needs” a breast lift as it is an elective cosmetic procedure. However, many women find that their breasts are undesirable in shape and want them perkier. A breast lift can help these women improve their appearance.

What does a breast lift cost in Canada? What is a breast lift cost?

Breast lift surgery varies in price, from $7500 to $20000 depending on the type of breast lift. Traditional breast lifts that result in significant scarring tend to cost less than more advanced techniques that feature less scarring and longer lasting results. The cost of a breast lift includes your surgeon’s fees, plastic surgery clinic facility fees, anesthesia and all appointments.

What is breast lift with augmentation?

This is when the breasts are lifted and increase in size.

What is breast lift without implants? What is breast lift without implants? Are implants needed for breast lift?

Dr. Kara can perform a unique technique that achieves a subtle increase in breast size without implants. This is called auto augmentation lift. However, if you do not want to increase breast size then you don’t need breast implants.

When to shower after breast lift?

This depends on your surgeon’s post-operative instructions. Usually, you can take a shower within a couple of days to a week of your surgery.

When to exercise after breast lift?

You can start exercising a few weeks after your surgery. Doing exercise sooner than recommended will compromise your recovery and delay results.

Why no lifting after breast lift?

You won’t be able to lift anything heavy for a few weeks after surgery. This is to prevent rupturing your sutures and causing other complications.

When is a breast lift medically necessary? When is a breast lift covered by insurance?

Breast lift surgery is rarely medically necessary or covered by insurance. Saggy breasts are not considered a health issue, unless they are enlarged and causing pain. In that situation, a breast reduction is recommended and can be covered by insurance.

When do breast lift scars fade? Are breast lift scars permanent?

It takes under a year for scars to fade, and we’ll help speed up this process when you choose to get advanced scar treatments with our CO2 laser. Like any scars, breast lift scars are permanent but will be barely visible with proper healing.

Why no underwire after breast lift?

To prevent irritation of the incision line within the breast crease.

How long breast lift last?

Dr. Kara’s breast lift technique achieves longer lasting results than traditional techniques. This is because he attaches the breast tissue to your chest wall muscle, and this acts like an internal bra.

Are nipples removed for breast lift?

No, your nipples won’t be removed for the advanced breast lift technique applied by Dr. Kara. This protects the milk ducts, so you’ll be able to breastfeed after surgery.

Do I need a breast lift or breast implants?

Why choose? This technique eliminates sagging and gives you fuller breasts. If you want to get even larger breasts, then implants may be necessary.

When will I see my results?

You'll see an improvement right away, but you'll need to wait about 6 to 8 months before your final results appear.

What are the risks of a breast lift?

Every surgery has risks involved. Anesthesia complications, bleeding, infection, poor healing of incisions, and fluid accumulation are inherent risks of every surgery. Complications unique to breast lifts are rare, but may include:

  • Temporary or permanent changes in sensation
  • Complications with wound healing
  • The possibility of having a corrective surgery

In a 2015 study of over 73,000 breast surgery patients, the overall complication rate was 1.9%. Meaning less than 1 of every 36,000 breast surgery patients experiences a complication. The most common of which is hematoma, or pooling of blood beneath the surface of the skin. This easily remedied complication can be taken care of in Dr. Kara’s office and will not have an impact on the outcome of your breast lift. Thus, breast lifts are safe, effective ways to regain your youthful figure.

Top 10 reasons our patients choose to get a Bellesoma breast lift

There are many reasons that women choose to get a breast lift. Some women are seeking relief from pain and others are seeking to improve their appearance or raise their self-esteem. Here are the top 10 reasons that our patients say they choose the Bellesoma breast lift:

1. There's no unsightly vertical scar;
2. You don't need implants to achieve fuller, perkier breasts;
3. You want relief from chronic back and neck pain;
4. You don't want anymore painful, continuous chaffing or skin irritation due to a loss of elasticity in the breasts;
5. You don't want to limit your daily activities, such as going to the gym or standing for long periods of time;
6. You don't want to feel self-conscious about the shape of your breasts;
7. You want to raise your nipples because they hang lower than the crease of your breasts;
8. You want to correct the shape or size of your areolas, since they are stretched or misshapen;
9. You've lost weight and you don't like how the skin of your breasts has become loose and stretched out;
10. You've stopped breastfeeding and your breasts never returned to the way they were prior to their pregnancy, so you'd like to correct that issue.

As you can see, there are many reasons that patients seek out a Bellesoma breast lift. If any of these reasons resonate with you, contact us for a consultation to see if this procedure is right for your needs. With the Bellesoma method, you'll enjoy perkier breasts that defy gravity for so much longer!

More information about the Bellesoma breast lift technique

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