Reveal Your Body After Weight Loss

Massive weight loss is known to leave people with excess skin and stubborn, localized fat deposits on the body.

While you might wish to celebrate your weight loss, a finishing touch is needed to achieve a satisfactory appearance. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mahmood Kara performs a body lift and belt lipectomy in Toronto to remove loose skin and extra fat, allowing your slimmer figure to emerge. Evening and weekend consultation and surgery times available.

Why you want a body lift

  • You want to eliminate saggy skin.
  • You want to eliminate irritation in skin folds.
  • You want to reduce stretchmarks.
  • You want a firmer body contour to show off your weight loss.
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Why do a body lift?

Depending on your body shape and amount of weight lost, you may feel the need to undergo either a lower or upper body lift in Toronto. In the case of a lower body lift, also known as a belt lipectomy, you can expect to see more toned thighs, buttocks, abdomen and hips. Meanwhile, Dr. Kara may perform an upper body lift to correct sagging of the chest or breasts and the upper arms.

Patients who elect body lift surgery have lost about 50% of their body weight either through dedicated diet and exercise or bariatric surgery, like LAP-BAND®. Following this immense change, discomfort, hygiene issues and self-consciousness may prevail. You may be lighter after massive weight loss, but you may not like how you look due to the loose skin left behind.

To undergo a body lift with Dr. Kara, you should be at a stable body weight. This means you do not intend on losing any more weight. You should also be a non-smoker as this will promote a healthy recovery.

At a Glance

  • Price $18,000 - $20,000
  • Recovery Go home same day
  • Length Of Surgery 2 - 5 Hours
  • Back To Work 7 - 14 Days

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Surgery steps


When you meet with Dr. Kara for your consultation for a body lift in Vaughan, Whitby or Toronto, he will detail the customized techniques he will use for your surgery. Generally, though, a body lift takes two to five hours to complete and is done under a general anesthesia. Dr. Kara will take care to make incisions in the natural folds of your skin where they are minimally visible.


The body lift procedure is circumferential and Dr. Kara will make incisions around your midsection. There he will remove the excess hanging skin and use liposuction to remove localized fat deposits. When he has removed an adequate amount of skin, he will redrape it in a more taut appearance and close the incisions with sutures.

If Dr. Kara is performing an upper body lift, specifically on the breasts or chest, he will make minimally-visible incisions around the nipple and down across the breast crease. Here, he will remove excess skin and possibly fat to lift and tone the chest or breasts. To remove excess skin on the upper arms, Dr. Kara will make an incision inside your arm from the elbow to the armpit. He will then remove the excess skin and liposuction fat deposits and close the incisions to create a more toned arm appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a body lift consist of?

A body lift removes saggy skin and fat remaining from massive weight loss. It can target the arms, chest, mid-section, buttocks and thighs. Your body lift will be customized depending on your goals.

What is lower body lift? What is belt lipectomy?

A lower body lift, or belt lipectomy targets the loose skin and fat in the mid-section, buttocks and thighs. It is circumferential, meaning 360 degrees around your body is treated, and not just the front or sides.

When is body lift surgery covered by insurance?

In some cases, a body lift can be covered by insurance and OHIP. It all depends on whether loose skin is affecting your health. For example, if you have inflammation, irritation and pain caused by excess loose skin, a body lift may be recommended by your doctor and it will be covered by OHIP.

How much does belt lipectomy cost? How much is belt lipectomy? What does body lift surgery cost?

Pricing varies depending on the extent of treatment. Because it is generally a more extensive procedure, it will be significantly higher than other cosmetic procedures. In Canada, belt lipectomy can range from $16000 - $20000.

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A body lift procedure can be done in one operation or in several stages, so the typical recovery experience varies. Body lift surgery is an extensive procedure, so it is best to be prepared for some downtime. Immediately following your body lift in Toronto, you will likely feel tired and sore, and need to stay on bed rest for a day or so. After the second day, Dr. Kara will ask you to walk with assistance. During these first several days, you will have drainage tubes in place to collect excess fluids and you will wear a compression garment for up to a month and a half as you complete recovery. Follow Dr. Kara's specific instructions for your recovery, so you can get back to a normal routine in good time.