Rapid Recovery

Are you wishing that you could augment your breasts but don’t have the time to waste in recovery? We have the solution for you with the 24-hour recovery breast augmentation.

Picture this: you go in for surgery, have your breasts augmented and then go shopping, out for dinner, and end the night dancing away. Sounds impossible right? In fact, it’s possible!

Dr. Kara has been performing the 24-hour breast augmentation procedure for over 10 years — a technique he learned directly from Dr. Tebbetts who developed the procedure. Dr. Kara was one of the first plastic surgeons to bring this procedure to Canada and has been featured in articles describing this game changing procedure.

At Dr. Kara Plastic Surgery clinic, staff members often familiarize themselves with the treatment options available within the clinic. Our very own OR Nurse, Carmina Jeler, recently had the 24-hour recovery breast augmentation and was back to work the next day with no complications.

During the 24 hour recovery breast augmentation, the recovery time is minimal because the procedure involves no bleeding, minimal tissue damage, and is very gentle and precise, allowing the patient to continue with regular life by that very same evening or the next day. Heavy exercise and intense work should be avoided initially; however, patients are encouraged to get moving right away. For example, as part of the recovery method, patients are required to perform ‘jumping jack’ type arm exercises 5 times every hour.

24 Hour breast augmentation article in Elevate magazine.

Most of the time, all the patient needs is Ibuprofen for pain management following surgery. The discomfort associated with this procedure has been compared to the sensation of having breast milk come in after giving birth. For those who have never experienced this, it feels like there is pressure or swelling within the breasts. Although recovery may vary from patient to patient, typically there is minimal discomfort or pain, no drainage tubes or dressings, and no bruising. The typical reaction following the surgery is to awaken as if the patient hadn’t undergone surgery. Side effects are reduced with this particular surgery, and in Dr. Kara’s experience, there has never been a patient with post-operative bleeding. There are also fewer instances of post-operative problems generally, such as capsular contracture, bleeding or shifting of the implant.

Dr. Tebbetts conducted a study (2006)1 of two groups of 16 patients for comparison to a third group of 627 patients. He found that over 96% of patients who received what is now known as the 24-hour recovery breast augmentation procedure, were able to return to regular activities, lift normal objects and drive within 24 hours of the procedure, without narcotic medications, drains, bandages, or special bras within 24 hours of the procedure.

1Tebetts, J (2006) “Achieving a Predictable 24-Hour Return to Normal Activities after Breast Augmentation: Part II. Patient Preparation, Refined Surgical Techniques, and Instrumentation“ Plast Reconstr Surg. 2006 Dec;118(7 Suppl):115S-27S; discussion 128S-129S, 130S-132S. See also: Tebettes, J (2002) “Achieving a predictable 24-hour return to normal activities after breast augmentation: part I.

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Are you a candidate for this procedure?

Your best bet is to come in for a consultation to determine whether you are an ideal candidate, but typically, the ideal candidate is relatively healthy and maintains a healthy weight. If you are a candidate for traditional breast augmentation, you are likely a candidate for this procedure too.