The Bellesoma Method of Breast Lifting

Has pregnancy or breast-feeding changed the appearance of your once perky breasts? Are you looking for a way to lift and enhance your breasts without implants?

The Bellesoma breast lift is a revolutionary surgical procedure that provides amazing results with no vertical scars, and can create fuller, more youthful looking breasts without implants.

Many women seek out a breast lift following pregnancy, breast-feeding, or because of aging or weight fluctuations, all of which can cause changes and sagging in the breasts.

The traditional lift, known as a mastopexy, was once the only option to lift sagging breasts. The Bellesoma method was introduced in 2000 and has been performed successfully on over 500 women, changing the way plastic surgeons perform breast lifts. This method has become so popular because the traditional method of breast lift left unsightly visible scarring. Women also typically needed to get implants to get the fuller shape they were seeking with a traditional mastopexy.

While implants are an option to create a fuller breast size with the Bellesoma method, the Bellesoma technique can enhance the size of your breast using your own fat tissue from your breast and other areas of the body to increase the breast size without having to use implants to augment the breast. Because the Bellesoma method uses your own breast and body tissue to contour the breast, it is highly unlikely that the body will reject it’s own tissue. However, as mentioned, if you are seeking an increased breast size in addition to a lift, augmentation can be done concurrently with the lift.

Traditional breast lift methods rely on skin tightening to create the lift. The Bellesoma method repositions and reshapes the breasts at a higher position on the chest wall, creating a fuller and more youthful appearance. It provides a long lasting lift, as the chest muscle supports the breast, which increases the longevity of the lift. The scars are hidden in the shadow of the breast and the areola, for a more clean and beautiful result.

Bellesoma breast lift before and after
The after photo was taken 15 months after surgery

If you are seeking a breast lift but are fearful of the typical excessive scarring that results from traditional breast lifts, a consultation will help you understand whether you are an ideal candidate for the Bellesoma breast lift procedure.