Breast Augmentation Myths

Do you know the real facts about breast augmentation? Let's look at 6 of the most common myths about the procedure, and determine whether they're true or false.

1. You can’t breast feed after having breast augmentation. This is a myth. Many women who want to breastfeed following breast augmentation are able to with proper consideration. Careful planning of implant and incision placement can reduce the risk of breastfeeding difficulties following implants.

2. Mammograms are inaccurate after breast implants. This is a myth. Studies have shown that mammograms are simple to perform when a patient has implants — as long as the radiologist is informed about their presence beforehand.

3. You will have a long recovery period. This is a myth. Dr. Kara provides a 24-hour recovery breast augmentation which allows patients to keep moving, within reason, and get back to work the following day.

4. Scarring is unsightly. Dr. Kara is a skilled plastic surgeon and strategically hides scars so that they are less visible. He also provides scar treatment to help reduce the visibility of scars quicker.

5. You won’t be able to feel your nipples. This is a myth. While you may lose temporary sensation in the nipple as your body adjusts to the changes, the sensation will return typically.

6. Breast implants are unsafe. This is a myth. Many studies from reputable institutions have shown that breast implants do not cause breast cancer; both saline and silicone implants are safe.