Maximum Fat Removal and Smoother Results

SAFELipo® is an advanced method of liposuction that doesn't leave you with the lumpiness and irregular contours associated with other methods. In fact, it was specifically designed to address the difficulties posed by revision liposuction patients, who were dissatisfied with the results of their first procedure.

The primary goal of liposuction is to remove the desired amount of fat in a target area without leaving abnormal looking contours, indentations and waviness. You want the treated area(s) to be leaner, firmer and smoother after surgery.

How SAFELipo Works

SAFELipo is a 3-step process that allows you to get the maximum amount of fat removed without disrupting the smooth, natural-looking contour of the skin overlying the treated area.

Step 1: Fat Separation

The SAFELipo® procedure begins with fat separation. Specially designed probes are used to gently separate the unwanted fat, so that each fat globule is isolated from each other and from surrounding tissues. Power-assisted liposuction (PAL) technology can be used at the same time to do this. To reduce trauma, surrounding tissues and vital blood vessels in the area are not harmed.

Unlike laser-assisted liposuction, this separated fat is emulsified without being damaged.

Step 2: Removing the Fat (Aspiration)

The next step is removing the fat using a cannula to suction it out, a process known as aspiration. It's easier to aspirate the fat because it has already been separated and liquefied, so only a tiny cannula needs to be used. There is no bleeding. In addition, a thin layer of healthy fat is left untouched. This fat is surrounded by undamaged tissues. Both of these factors contribute to a faster recovery marked by less bruising and swelling. There is less internal scarring as well.

Step 3: Equalizing the Fat Layer

Step 3 is unique to SAFELipo and is what gives you the smoothness that other methods fail to achieve. Remember that thin layer of fat that's left untouched in the treated area? This layer is sculpted and smoothed out using special probes. Doing this allows the overlying skin to sit on an even surface, so that you won't get any indentations, waviness or bumps.

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Fully trained and certified

Dr. Kara is one of the very few board-certified plastic surgeons who has been fully trained to perform SAFELipo.