Myths About Silicone Breast Implants

Are you considering breast augmentation but are concerned about the risks? Have you been listening to myths and rumours and find yourself confused?

There are many myths surrounding breast implants, in particular silicone breast implants. There are many horror stories on the internet but the fact of the matter is that silicone breast implants are safe.

One of the myths surrounding silicone breast implants is that they will leak into your body. Silicone implants used today are made of a thick and cohesive gel that bonds together. In the unlikely event that the implant breaks, the silicone would not in fact leak into your body. The silicone would remain together in a mass.

Another myth purported to be true on the internet is that silicone breast implants are more likely to break that saline breast implants. This is simply not the case. Both saline and silicone implant casings are more often than not, made out of the same material. One is not more likely to break than another.

Some people are fearful that silicone breast implants are toxic to the body. In fact, we have small amount of silicone in our body naturally. Silicone does not create illness or disease from being inside your body. Despite some reports of illness resulting from implants, the science has proven that these are anecdotal at best and that there is no link between implants and autoimmune diseases and no increase in breast cancer as a result of breast augmentation.

At Dr. Kara Plastic surgery, we promote and offer both saline and silicone breast implants because both are safe. A consultation will help us determine which implant is better suited to your needs and desired outcome.