10 Myths About Tummy Tucks

There are many myths about tummy tucks that may cause someone to shy away from this procedure. We see the value in this procedure and will dispel some of the common myths and misperceptions about the tummy tuck procedure.

1. Tummy tuck will help you lose weight. This is a myth. The tummy tuck procedure is designed to help remove loose skin without elasticity. It is not designed to help you lose weight. If you were seeking to remove fat cells, you would need to undergo liposuction.

2. Tummy tucks are for lazy people. This is a myth. Tummy tucks are best performed on healthy patients who eat right and maintain a healthy weight. Exercise and diet cannot remove loose skin. This procedure is for healthy individuals who want their excess skin surgically removed.

3. Only women undergo tummy tucks. This is a myth. Many men seek out tummy tucks. Some of our male patients have lost weight and were left with saggy belly and stubborn fat and chose to undergo a tummy tuck to remove the excess skin. Men and women both desire to improve their appearance through cosmetic and surgical procedures.

4. Tummy tucks will help with stretch marks. This is a myth. The only stretch marks that will be removed are those found on the skin that will be removed as part of the tummy tuck procedure. This can be strategically managed through a consultation for maximum stretch mark removal, but it will only be removed on the lower abdomen area, unless the patient requires skin removed from the upper abdomen, which is uncommon.

5. An optimal time for a tummy tuck is after a C-section. This is a myth. We would not recommend undergoing a tummy tuck immediately following a C-section. This is a lot of stress for your body. Additionally, following pregnancy, your weight and stretched skin and muscles would benefit from healing prior to a tummy tuck. This healing will also allow Dr. Kara to be able to predict the results more accurately. A tummy tuck and C-section are also not performed in the same area of the abdomen making it illogical to perform them together when considering all of the surrounding circumstances.

6. Tummy tucks will leave you with permanent nerve damage. This is a myth. Tummy tuck procedures involve repairing the abdominal muscles and removing excess skin. The nerves are not involved in the process. Patients may experience minor nerve damage; however, this is typically temporary and will subside over a few days or weeks. Although permanent nerve damage is possible, it is a very rare occurrence. With a skilled plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Kara, it is a very unlikely possibility.

7. Tummy tucks are highly risky. This is a myth. A tummy tuck procedure is no more or no less risky than any other surgery. A highly skilled surgeon is able to perform this surgery with minimal risk and no complication. It is important to choose a highly skilled surgeon, such as Dr. Kara.

8. Tummy tucks are always performed with liposuction. This is a myth. A tummy tuck and liposuction are two separate procedures. They can be used together; however, are not always combined. A tummy tuck has the purpose of removing excess skin, although fat cells may be removed during the process. Liposuction has the purpose of removing fat cells but doesn’t remove excess skin. The two procedures can be used together to remove stubborn fat and tighten the skin but are not always combined. A patient would have to specifically seek both procedures for the surgeries to be undertaken together, which will increase cost and recovery time.

9. Senior citizens cannot undergo a tummy tuck procedure. This is a myth. The most important factor to consider with any elective surgery is health. Age is just a number and if the patient is elderly but healthy, they too can undergo a tummy tuck procedure. A health assessment is important, as is being completely honest with your surgeon about your medical history to determine if the patient is an ideal candidate for the procedure.

10. You cannot get pregnant after a tummy tuck. This is a myth. While many people choose to perform a tummy tuck after they have finished with having babies, there are no additional risks to getting pregnant following a tummy tuck; it may, however, impact the results you achieved with the tummy tuck procedure prior to pregnancy.