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Erase the signs of aging with your own fat. Fat grafting using your own fat, known as autologuous fat transfer, is a gentle and natural method of facial rejuvenation. Evening and weekend consultation and surgery times available.

As we age, the fat in our faces can diminish and leave certain portions of the face such as the temples, cheeks and lower eyelids looking sunken and gaunt. Facial fat grafting in Toronto utilizes surplus fat from other body areas to replenish facial features that have lost volume, restoring a more youthful, healthy appearance.

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Patients with deep facial creases, eye bags, under eye dark circles, hollow cheeks and temples are usually the best candidates for facial fat grafting.

Men and women who seek this procedure should have adequate fat deposits on their buttocks, abdomen or legs from which fat can be harvested and then moved to the face. Fat cells used for facial fat grafting may not be donated from another person, such as a friend or family member. Thus, patients who are good candidates for fat transfer are also good candidates for liposuction in Toronto, meaning they are in generally good health and at a stable, healthy weight.


The fat grafting procedure is usually performed in multiple sessions under sedation or general anesthesia. It involves gentle body liposuction for fat harvesting then careful transplantation of harvested fat to the face via injection.

The reason fat grafting is often performed in multiple sessions is that not all fat tissue survives the fat transfer process. If, after your first facial fat grafting session, much of the transplanted fat has not survived, touch-up sessions may be necessary to achieve the results you desire.

At a Glance

  • Price $2800 - $6800
  • Recovery Go home same day
  • Length Of Surgery 1 Hour
  • Back To Work 7 Days

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Recovery period

After facial fat transfer, most patients experience temporary swelling and bruising to some degree. Within 1-2 weeks, most facial side effects will resolve. Swelling in areas where liposuction was performed may last several weeks but will also eventually resolve.

Keep your face as immobile as possible and avoid touching or manipulating the treatment area(s) during the first week of recovery. This will improve the survival rate of transplanted fat tissue and preserve your facial fat grafting results. Take antibiotics as directed and follow the specific aftercare instructions provided by Dr. Kara. After all sessions of fat grafting are complete, most patients experience facial fat grafting results that last anywhere from a several months to a few years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is autologous fat grafting? What is fat grafting procedure?

This is when fat is removed from your body so it can be put into another area of your own body (or face). It's become a very popular method of facial and body contouring because it achieves quite natural-looking results.

What is structural fat grafting?

This is a technique that involves using your own fat to modify facial and body structures for aesthetic improvement.

What is micro fat grafting?

When only a small amount of fat us removed and reinjected, this is known as micro fat grafting. The procedure can be done under local anesthesia in your doctor's office.

What is fat grafting under eyes?

Hollows and bags under your eyes can be treated with fat grafting.

What is fat grafting for breast augmentation? What is fat grafting in breasts?

Your own fat can be used to enhance the size and shape of your breasts. Read more about fat transfer breast augmentation.

What is fat grafting buttocks?

This is more popularly known as a Brazilian butt lift.