The Perfect Party for Your Next Girls' Night Out or With Your Bridesmaids

Are you looking for something fun to do for your next girls' night out? Or maybe you want to give the perfect bridesmaids’ gift, so you can have a youthful looking group of girls up there with you at the altar on your special day?

Plan your next party with the girls or ensure that your wedding day is pure beauty and bliss with a BOTOX party!

BOTOX is an injectable that blocks nerve activity to the targeted muscle group. It has the effect of making the muscle relax and look smoother, reducing the appearance of wrinkles for 4-6 months following treatment. Typical side effects include bruising in the injected site, which will naturally fade in short order.

Have your BOTOX party at our office or at your home. Simply fill in the contact form below to get started!

Schedule your BOTOX party at our office or in the comfort of your own venue where it will be carefully moderated by our licensed medical injector specialist. (Please note that because the party will involve injections, there can be no alcohol served.) A consent must be signed by the host.

BOTOX for Bridesmaids

The latest trend in bridesmaids’ gifts is BOTOX for bridesmaids. This has become a trend not only to have those closest to you look their best on your special day but also as a way to spend time together before the big day. These types of enhancements have increased by 25% in recent years. We are noticing that many brides are choosing BOTOX over mani-pedis as a thank you gift, and appreciate the opportunity to have their bridal party look and feel their best. We all know those photos will make their way onto social media sites!

The wedding party, especially the bride, will be the center of attention; looking and feeling your best with all eyes on you is incredibly empowering.

It can be a touchy subject to suggest to your friends and family that they could use some work; but if the bride is seeking to enhance her look, more often than not, her bridesmaids’ are supportive and find themselves desirous of having the same youthful look.

At Dr. Kara Plastic Surgery, we can meet all your beauty needs for you and your friends, whether that be BOTOX, Hollywood Spectra peels, fillers, skin tightening options or even Coolsculpting to help you and your group look and feel great.

Timing is important, so if you are about to get married and want a youthful looking bridal party, contact us for a consultation to see how we can make your wedding dreams come true and set up an appropriate timeline to make sure the enhancements are perfect for the special day.

Gift certificates are also available and can be a great thank you gift to your bridal party so that they too can participate in the beauty procedures alongside you.