A revolutionary non-surgical fat reduction treatment option

CoolSculpting® was discovered by Dr. Anderson and Dr. Manstein from the Wellman Center of Photomedicine, affiliated with the Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. They came up with the idea for CoolSculpting based on two studies from the 70s and 80s, respectively. The first study was titled Popsicle Panniculitis1, and revealed fat loss in the cheek from sucking on a popsicle. The second study was titled Equestrian Cold Panniculitis2, and revealed permanent fat loss on the inner thighs of women who went horseback riding in the winter on frozen saddles. From these studies and subsequent years of research came the innovative fat reduction treatment program called CoolSculpting®. This treatment system was cleared for use in Canada and Europe in 2009, and cleared by the FDA in 2010 following intensive investigation.

CoolSculpting® is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that requires no surgery, no needles and no down time. It is a great non-surgical alternative to liposuction or tummy tucks; however, at Dr. Kara Plastic Surgery we will present you with all options to address your needs and concerns and will only recommend those procedures that we believe will provide you with the results you seek.

CoolSculpting® essentially freezes the fat cells while leaving skin, nerve and other tissues unharmed. When the fat cells are frozen, they do not return, as humans stop reproducing fat cells during adolescence. Once the cells have been frozen, they die and decompose naturally through your sweat and urine. The subcutaneous fat, the fat that lies directly under your skin or the ‘pinchable fat,’ is the fat that can be frozen through the CoolSculpting® system.

At Dr. Kara Plastic Surgery, Lindsey McNeill, the CoolSculpting® treatment technician, can perform an assessment to understand your desired outcomes and determine how many cycles you may need to attain the desired results. CoolSculpting can be performed on arms, chin, bra rolls, flank area, abdomen, and inner or outer thighs. Each treatment cycle will take approximately 35 minutes, so you are in and out of the office quickly!

Dr. Kara has obtained the new CoolSculpting system, which is 40% more comfortable as compared to the previous system, and reduces treatment time by almost half (42%).

The CoolSculpting system can result in a reduction of 20 - 55% of your fat cells. Results may vary depending on how your body breaks down the fat cells. You may begin to see results within 3-6 weeks and can expect to see full results within 3 months.

This treatment option requires no downtime, allowing you to go back to work or continue your exercise regime immediately. Dr. Kara has tried virtually all of the services he offers at his clinic, and CoolSculpting is no exception. Dr. Kara went for a run on the beach following his most recent CoolSculpting treatment!

Like most treatments, there is a small amount of discomfort associated with CoolSculpting. You can expect numbness in the area of the treatment, slight discomfort akin to a bruise, reddening and minimal swelling. However, in our clinical experience, many people experience no discomfort at all. Experiences will vary from person to person.

At Dr. Kara Plastic Surgery, we offer an appealing ‘Treatment to Transformation’ package that will provide you with a discount on treatments when you purchase multiple treatment cycles up front. Please enquire for more details when you come in for an assessment, as the discount will be based on the treatment cycles required for your desired result.

1Epstein EH Jr, Oren ME. “Popsicle Panniculitis,” N Engl J Med. 1970 Apr 23;282(17):966-7.
2 Beacham BE, Cooper PH, Buchanan CS, Weary PE. “Equestrian Cold Panniculitis.” Arch Dermatol. 1980 Sep;116(9):1025-7.

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Results Are Closely Monitored

At Dr. Kara Plastic Surgery, client satisfaction is paramount. Treatment technician Lindsey McNeill will follow up with you periodically throughout your treatment and will take photographs 30 days following your treatment and again at 3 months to monitor fat reduction.

Lindsey is always available for questions!