Get Larger Breasts without Implants

The fat transfer breast augmentation option has grown in popularity. We offer this unique breast augmentation option and hope to help you understand why this may be a good option for you. Below are the top 5 reasons to choose this breast enhancement option.

1. Fat is removed through liposuction from other areas of your body to create the augmentation. This means that you can remove fat cells from problem areas as a bonus. You can enlarge your breasts and reduce your waistline. It’s a win-win situation.

2. Using your own fat tissue means that your body is unlikely to reject the tissue. This reduces the risk of complication from surgery as there are no foreign objects inside your body.

3. The fat transfer breast augmentation option provides a more natural look. Your breasts are augmented with real fat, meaning they look and feel more natural than a typical implant augmentation.

4. Only small openings are required to inject the transferred fat. This means that there is less scarring, which also means the breast enhancement appears more natural.

5. Fat transfer breast augmentation eliminates the risk of capsular contracture, rippling, infection and implant puncture. This form of breast augmentation significantly reduces any risks that can be associated with a typical breast implant, including having to replace the implant in the long-term. In fact, using your own tissues can improve skin texture and pliability.

If you are looking for a natural breast enhancement option, this may be the right procedure for you. However, a consultation will help you understand whether you are an ideal candidate for this procedure. Women who are very skinny may not have the appropriate amount of fat to transfer.