Beautify Your Lips

Do you wish to enhance your lips? Are you looking for a quick, easy and natural solution to plump them up?

Lip attractiveness has grown in popularity, especially since the Kardashians have brought attention to this important facial feature. Our recent beautiPHIcation blog highlights the mathematical formula that has been used since the 15th century to define beauty in an objective and universal manner. The lips are an important facial feature and one of the first things that an observer will notice when they meet you.

At Dr. Kara Plastic Surgery we offer dermal fillers to enhance lips or make them symmetrical. The procedure is safe, effective and fast. It also requires no surgery or downtime. We use Juvéderm® and PREVELLE® brands, which are the most popular in today’s plastic surgery world. These fillers consist of hyaluronic acid, which is a natural biocompatible substance that will voluminize your lips!

One woman with thin lips and another woman with fuller lips

A recent cross-cultural analysis has shed light on this new trend and how beauty is influenced across geographical placement, cultural perceptions, different ethnicities and demographic considerations. Through an online survey, the researchers revealed the ideal lip size in various countries, across sex, age, and occupation. Participants were able to change the shape of a photo to match their preferred lip size and shape. There were 1011 responses from participants in 35 different countries. The study found that surgeons in the Middle East and Asia had a preference for the largest lip size, with surgeons in Latin America and North America also preferring larger lip sizes. However, surgeons in Europe preferred a smaller lip size. When assessing differences among ethnic groups of the surgeons, the study found that Caucasians preferred smaller lips while non-Caucasians preferred a fuller lip. Of the layperson participants, those living in Latin America preferred the largest lips, followed by North Americans and Europeans with Asian participants preferring a smaller lip size.1

The study concluded that a person’s ethnic background, profession and country of residence significantly impacted their preference of lip shape and size. The researchers conducted this study to assist surgeons in understanding difference preferences to assist with ensuring patient satisfaction in our global society.2 As a multi-cultural country, this study can have important implications for Canadian plastic surgeons, helping them to understand differences in aesthetic preferences across cultures, which in turn will lead to higher patient satisfaction rates.

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