Did you know that society’s concept of beauty boils down to a mathematical equation? Did you know that you can achieve many of society’s beauty standards through injectables or other non-surgical treatment options?

Recent social studies have demonstrated that we all have similar subjective beliefs about what constitutes beauty, regardless of our race, ethnicity or upbringing. However, an objective basis for our ideals is harder to establish.

For centuries the Greeks have proposed that beauty is based on mathematics. Dr. Stephen Marquardt has demonstrated that such a beauty formula exists based on Phi (Φ) (1.618: 1); described mathematically by the figure below.

Equation for mathematical beauty.

It has been said that it only takes a millisecond for humans to assess a person’s facial features and make a decision as to whether are subjectively and physically beautiful. We analyze their features, contours, skin quality and shapes. Dr. Arthur Swift created what he called the “Magnificent Seven.”1 These are the seven features we assess within milliseconds of meeting someone:

  • Facial shape (chin, cheeks and symmetry)
  • Forehead height
  • Eyebrow shape
  • Eye size and inter-eye distance
  • Nose shape
  • Lips (length and height)
  • Skin clarity/texture/colour2

One study by Matts et. al.3, for example, found that texture, colour and skin clarity can impact one’s perception of a person’s age. They discovered that changes to these 3 features of the skin could lead a person to perceive a person to be 15 years younger than their actual age.

Across history, this mathematical equation or the “Golden Ratio,” as Dr. Marquardt refers to it, remains true, whether in beautiful art work, nature’s beauty such as sunflowers, shells, bones and even historical figures such as, Nefertiti. In fact, this mathematical equation has been known for centuries. The Renaissance artists, for example, referred to it as the “Divine Proportion.” Today, we see these exact proportions on famous people like Halle Berry, Jessica Simpson, Pierce Brosnan and Tom Cruise4.

This standard of beauty is in fact attainable, and not simply by surgery. There are non-surgical ways to achieve this standard through the use of Botox, fillers, IPL treatments such as, Solari as well as, skin tightening treatments such as, Infini. We offer all of these treatment options at Dr. Kara Plastic Surgery Clinic. For example, we can enhance 5 of the 7 magnificent features through the use of non-surgical options, including: facial shape, eyebrow shape, nose shape, lips length and height, all by way of injectables, whether Botox or fillers, as well as, skin clarity with the use of IPL or skin tightening techniques.

To achieve a high level of beauty, by society’s standards, it’s imperative that the clinic and injection specialist you rely upon has a deep understanding of the 7 magnificent features and the Phi mathematical equation of beauty. We are highly trained and aware of society’s high beauty standards and know to help you achieve these standards. We understand the importance of the shape and contour of your face; the texture and thickness of your skin; the symmetry of your face; and, facial features and their proportions.

Contact us today for a consultation to determine if filler contouring, botox, skin tightening or IPL treatments are right for you and your needs. In some instances, surgery may be a better option and we can discuss all of your options during our consultation.

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