Dr. Kara, Toronto Plastic Surgeon

November 7th, 2018 by alan

Transform Yourself to the You that You Want to Be

Dr. Kara Plastic Surgery has been transforming the appearance of women and men in the Toronto area for 27+ years.

Beauty, With Faster Results

We specialize exclusively in fast-recovery aesthetic procedures and feature the only private surgical facility in Toronto that is located in a public hospital.

Dedication to You by Offering the Best Technology, Skills and Techniques

Dr. Kara is adamant that the focus be on the safety, comfort and goals of  You. We are here to serve you.

Dr. Kara attends seminars and training around the world dedicated to the most advanced techniques in plastic surgery on a monthly basis.

His goal is to give you the least invasive treatments allowing you to enjoy a faster recovery

Dr. Kara is one of the only plastic surgeons in Ontario to offer 24 hour recovery breast augmentation.


Dr. Kara recently received a certificate from the Mentor Corporation for being one of the top five surgeons in Ontario for breast augmentation.

He is also the first plastic surgeon in Canada to offer the Bellesoma Method, a unique breast lift and breast reduction technique that makes your breasts not just perkier, but also rounder and fuller without implants.

Dr. Kara is knowledgeable, well respected, and extremely talented. Dr. Kara has mastered both the art and the science of cosmetic enhancement. Consults are free of charge – please come in today and talk about your aesthetic goals.

Plastic Surgery Toronto - Dr. Kara

Get the Look You Want

If there's something about how you look that you just don't like, you have the choice to change it. We've helped thousands of women and men transform their appearance for over 27 years. We can help you get the look you want and love. Just select from the treatments below.

Dr. Mahmood Kara Toronto plastic surgeon.

Truly Advanced Techniques

We're devoted to maximizing your beauty potential with advanced techniques in cosmetic medicine. Dr. Mahmood Kara is a board certified plastic surgeon with over 27 years of experience. Dr. Kara is world renowned for his capabilities as a plastic sugeon, but unlike other surgeons who are comfortable staying at their current skill level, Dr. Kara is constantly trying to improve his surgical mastery. To do this, he attends training in advanced techniques on a monthly basis. That's why he's able to offer you faster recovery times and longer lasting results, like those obtained with 24 Hour Recovery Breast Augmentation and the Bellasoma Method of breast lift, reduction and reconstruction. Read more about Dr. Mahmood Kara.